What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster

About Us

RM Rainmaker Enterprise was incorporated in the year 1999 and RainMaker was registered as our brand. We started with the RainMaker water distillers and an ozonizer were added in to range of products a year later. We discontinued with the ozonizers when we found that quality was not up to standard. Since then we have come up with certain principles that we have to strictly adhere to before we would add it to our range of products. We will only deal with products that are absolutely useful to our customers and will benefit them tremendously.

The product must be of high quality and easy to use and it must endure the test of times. The Sassess Ozonizers were added to our range of products after careful consideration and thorough testing were conducted. You can be rest assured that our products very useful to you and your family and you have the best products in the market when it is the RainMaker brand.

Local Agents

Rainmaker Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Sassess Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
E-mail: [email protected]

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