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What is micro cluster



What is the most important thing one should do in order to achieve good health and why is that so?

The way to good health is simple. Just drink pure water. Our body is approximately 70% water and if you drink water that is free from all contaminants and toxic chemicals, 70% of your body is free from harmful toxins. Pure water is important to our health because 97% of our drinking water is drawn from rivers and our rivers are also our drainage systems and therefore there are literally thousands of chemicals in our water. These chemicals are related to cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, gout, arthritis, kidney failure, loss of hearing and eyesight, asthma, etc. By removing the causes of diseases, you remove the diseases. The World Health Organization and the National Cancer Institute both suggest that most human cancers, perhaps as many as 90% are caused by chemical carcinogens in the environment. The air and food we take in contain cancer chemicals. Water is one of the medium that the body uses to flush our the toxins. Can you imagine the consequences of consuming the ten thousands of chemicals with our drinking water? We are putting in more chemicals instead.

If pure water is that important to our health, where are the diseases so rampant when so may of the Malaysian households are using filters?

That is the problem itself, many people feel that they are drinking pure water after installing filters at home. You see, filters are not effective in removing chemicals in the water and especially the harmful inorganic minerals. Filters may remove some of the mud in the water and this lead us to believe that the water is pure when infact most of the chemicals are still present in the water. How many of thousands of chemicals can filters remove in the few seconds that it takes the water to pass through? Filtered water can be more harmful than tap water as it is a good breeding ground for bacteria. At a certain stage when the filter is filled up with contaminants, the water that comes out of the filter will contain more contaminants than the tap water.

what do you mean harmful minerals in the water? I thought we need minerals in the water.

We all need minerals and obtain minerals from our foods. Rainwater has no minerals, but as they fall to the ground it dissolves the minerals from the ground and the ground has about 16 minerals. Iron is used to make iron products and calcium to make cement due to the hardening properties. When inorganic calcium gets into our heart and arteries, we would have high risk of heart disease. When it gets into our kidney, we would have kidney stones. When our tiny capillaries or veins are blocked by these, we would slowly lose the function of the organs due to blockage.

Why is it unsafe to drink normal filtered water?

Filtered water cannot remove most of the thousands of chemicals as well as the harmful inorganic minerals that are found in our tap water. Most of the chemicals we use normally find their ways to our rivers and 97% of our tap water comes from rivers. There are literally tens of thousands of chemicals in our water. According to the EPA of America, when two non toxic chemicals are mixed together, they may become toxic and when two toxic chemicals are mixed together, their potency may increase 1,000 folds. According to scientists in America, it is not possible to study the mixture of all of the chemicals in the water due to their seer numbers.

What are some of the unseen chemicals that exists, and the side effects?

According to scientist in America (I do not have the statistic in Malaysia) there are approximately 75,000 chemicals in their water. Pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, petroleum and its by products are related to cancer. Male Leopard frogs that are exposed to weed killers developed eggs and ovaries. Fishes exposed to certain chemicals in to Potomac River in Washington are born sexless. In addition to that, inorganic minerals in the water are very damaging to our health. Calcium carbonate which is use to manufacture cement is the principle trouble maker for hardening of our arteries and veins. When our veins to our eyes and ears are clogged by inorganic minerals we will slowing lose our eyesight and hearing.

How does our water supply get polluted?

When the mechanic washes his hands, the chemicals that are present will flow to the river. When you flush the toilet, the water will flow to the rivers. 30% to 90% of the medicines we take will be discharged to the toilet be discharge to the toilet bowls as well and it ends up in the river. Basically most of the man made chemicals end up in the rivers and 97% of over drinking water comes from rivers and that is why our tap water is filled with chemicals. Every year millions of mobile phone batteries are discarded. If they are not disposed off properly they may contaminate our drinking water. One battery can render 600,000 litres of water undrinkable.

Why can’t these contaminants be removed using normal water filters?

It is a scientific fact that chemicals dissolved in the water cannot be removed by filters. When water passes through the pores of the filters, so will the chemicals. How can filter determines what is water and what is chemicals so that it will only allow water to pass through?

Give some examples of newspaper reports.

Here are some report from the Sun newpaper.:- “Sewage continues to pollute our water.” About 20% of raw water samples collected through out the countries were below the standard for total coliform bacteria, indicating that sewage pollution continues to be serious problem. Sewerage services not effective in curbing pollution. “How safe is our drinking water?” Ten to fifteen percent of married couples in Malaysia of reproductive age are childless due to exposure to toxic chemicals. The Sun Newspaper. Star Newpaper:- “More men seek breast surgery. Hormones in the water blamed for Growth”. “Superbug danger in tap water”. Tap water could be contaminated with a stomach bug that can paralyze and kill, health experts warned. Called campylobacter, it is the main cause of food poisoning in Britain with around 500,000 cases a year. Though this report is from Britain, we are not exempted from these kinds of threat. There are many cases of water pollution reported in various newspapers in Malaysia which I will not go into as I am sure most of us are well aware of it.

Who first discovered the benefits of distilled water and why?

Distilled water has been used by the Chinese, Greeks and others thousands of years ago. The Chinese developed a distiller during Shi Wang Ti period and the Greeks collected dew in the fields with cloths laid over plants during the nights. The results is pure distilled water. Thousands of other collected rainwater to drink and rainwater is distilled water.

What new research has been done to extol its benefits in modern times?

We all benefit from distilled water as we all use products that are manufactured using distilled water on a daily basis. All medicines, injections, intravenous drips, forensic department, laboratories use distilled water. Surgical gloves manufacture use distilled water to wash the gloves before it is packed. Distilled water is used as it is the only water that is virtually free of chemicals. The International Space Station and the former Mir station for Russia used distilled water as this is the most efficient system in purifying water. The U.S. navy ships are equipped with distillers. The MV Star Princess has two distilling plants each capable of producing 92,500 gallons of water per day. Many cancer patients use distilled water.

What is distilled water mainly used for?

Distilled water is use for many things. The first thing that comes to mind is for car batteries. The chemicals and inorganic minerals will shorten the life span of the batteries. Intravenous dripping, medicines, sterilizing equipments, preparation of injections and medicines all use distilled water. High tech manufacturing like computer chips use distilled water. Forensic and laboratories all use distilled water. Then they are those who just drink distilled water just because it is the only water that is virtually free from contaminants..

What are some of the health benefits of drinking distilled water?

People who drink distilled water exclusively have recovered from many diseases. One of the reasons for this is because our tap water contains tens of thousands of chemicals as well as the harmful inorganic minerals. While these contaminants do not cause us immediate harm, it can be harmful in the long term. When our drinking water contains chemicals, our blood will have chemicals, when our blood have chemicals, our organs will have chemicals. Some of these chemicals can change our hormones while other may cause cancer. When these chemicals are removed from our water, we have removed the causes of many diseases. That is one of the reasons why so many people have regained their health just by drinking distilled water.

What do the skeptics say about drinking distilled water, and why are they wrong.

Many believe we need minerals in the water. All water come from rainwater and rainwater does not have minerals. It is only mineralized when they dissolve the minerals from the ground. In Malaysia, we would have to drink approximately 1000 glasses of water to obtain our daily requirements of calcium if we solely depend on water to obtain our calcium. Secondly, there is a myth that distilled water is acidic. When all of the chemicals (some are alkaline and some acidic) are removed from the water, the ph is 7 which is neutral. However, over a period of time when air is absorbed by the water, the ph is slightly lower due to the present of carbon dioxide. When carbon dioxide is found in water, it is known as carbonic acid. We must understand that all water absorb air; that is the law of nature. You can never find any water that does not contain air at room temperature. All air contains carbon dioxide and therefore all water is acidic. However, tap water may have a neutral ph and the reason is because it contains inorganic mineral which is alkaline in nature. The ph of the inorganic minerals neutralize the reading of the ph. It is like adding sugar to a cup of salt water. It may not taste salty anymore but the salt is still present. We breathe in thousands of time more carbon dioxide and the body just exhale out the carbon dioxide to dispose it. It does not need to break down the acid like urea acid for disposal. More importantly distilled water will absorb the urea acid from the body more effectively and therefore the body will be more alkaline just by drinking distilled water.

How does distilled water taste, compared to normal filtered water?

When you drink distilled water over a period of time, you will be able to taste the chemicals present in your filtered water. It is especially true for children as their sense of taste is more acute. When the chemicals are removed, your water will taste much sweeter.

Share with us your personal experience how distilled water has cured your backache.

I used to have stomach ache two hours after eating curry and would pass out blood in my stools. As I eat a lot of curry dishes, I would have sore throat which may develop into fever two to four times a year. I had backache for 10 years. After consuming distilled water, I have recovered completely. I believe I injured my spine while playing tennis and the inorganic minerals accumulated and pressed against my nerve. Distilled water dissolved and removed the inorganic minerals and that is how my backache is cured. Since August 1996, I have never seen a doctor for sore throat and fever. If I were to consume too much chillies or curry, I will still have sore throat. It will go away if I will to stop eat spicy stuff and drink distilled water. There are no more blood in my stools now. I never had fever because of sore throat. However, I had fever due to insufficient sleep. If I sleep only two or three hours a day, few days in a row, I may develop fever. I recovered just by drinking distilled water and by sleeping off. My body usually recovers in just a few hours without the need of any medication. That is why I believe, we should not fall sick at all unless we abused our body.

How long have you been drinking distilled water?

I found out about distilled water in 1996.

How did you discover the benefits of distilled water and why are you passionate about it?

My friend’s brother recommended it to me. I am passionate about it because it has helped me and many others. It is surprising very effective in curing and reducing asthma attacks. Some with kidney problems have very positive results when they consumed distilled water. Many have come to me saying that they hardly fall sick after drinking distilled water. Many people go to the hill side on the way to Ulu Yan to collect their water. Some come from as far as Malacca and some have to wait for hours for their turn to collect the water. They all said that they felt healthier and hardly fall sick after drinking the water. A simple test will show that the water hardly contain any minerals and it is rainwater which is basically distilled water.

What are the books that have been written on this topic?

“Water Can Undermine Your Health” by Dr. Norman Walker who lived till the ripeful age of 118. “Water The Shocking Truth Which Can Save Your Life” by Dr. Paul Braag, who started drinking distilled water at the age of 16 ½ and died in his nineties drowning in the Hawaiian sea. “The Choice Is Clear” and “Your Water And Your Health” both by Allen E. Banik. “Pure Water Now” by Eldon C. Muehling. “Water The Ultimate Cure” by Steve Meyerowitz.

What other diseases can it cure and how can it prolong your life.

Distillation is effective in removing chemical and contaminants in our drinking water that are related to many diseases. By removing the contaminants that are related to diseases, we have removed the cause of diseases. When we remove the causes of diseases, the body may heal itself. The body itself is a miracle. People who lost their both of their limbs and legs who survived is an indication of how fantastic it curing properties are. The body immune system however, can be comprised if we were to consume the thousands of toxic chemicals found in our water. These chemicals consumed on a daily basis over a period of time can be detrimental to our health. When bacteria enter our body, it will produce white blood cells to combat the bacteria. The body may fail to produce white blood cells if foreign chemicals are present. Inorganic minerals that can clog up our arteries and veins and harden arteries is also very hazardous. Dr. Norman Walker wrote: "Billion have died drinking regular water died prematurely without any body realizing the lime in the water is the culprit. When you remove the harmful contaminants that can cause diseases, you will live a healthier and longer life.

What is the brand of your water distiller, and how does it work? What is the process involved? How many types of water distillers are there? Is it cost effective in the long run?

I am dealing with the RainMaker water distiller. The process is simple, it boils the water to steam and cools the steam back into water. As far as health is concern, distilled water is the cheapest way to keep one healthy. It cost about sixty cents for one day’s consumption for one person. Infact, I save money everyday just by drinking distilled water by making my own tea and coffee. I do not consume any toxic chemicals with my drinks. Do not forget about the medicals bills that I have saved over the last 14 years or so. The RainMaker distiller is the only distiller that uses 304 surgical steel cooling tube and the only one that comes with a lead free glass container.

How can I find out more information about the benefits of water distillers and where can I buy these machines?

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