What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster

Why micro clusters is important to our body?

Most of us do not realise that water comes in the form of clusters of molecules instead of a single molecule. Normal tap water contains around 13 molecules. Our RainMaker water distillers are able to reduce the clusters to about 6 instead of 13. What means is that your drinking water is able to penetrate and bring nutrients to your cells immediately. In turn, the cleansing of waste from your cells is more efficient as well. Drinking smaller clusters of water will make you less bloated and because of the immediate hydration, your energy levels will be much higher and your aerobic level will be enhanced. Drinking distilled water with smaller cluster will benefits us tremendously since chemicals that caused premature aging, and damage to our immune system have been removed.

The Chinese Health Care Science and Technology Society found that 60% of the people who drank smaller clustered water had their cellular hydration increased tenfold.

304 Surgical Steel

We use 304 surgical steel for our cooling system and not aluminium alloy and our glass containers are made of borosilicate materials and are lead free