What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster


Mothers And Pregnant Women Beware

A researcher in Penang collected twenty six breast milk samples from 1st time mothers aged between 23 and 38 years old. Dioxins and pesticides were tested positive in their milk. Chemical classified as persistent organic pollutants is toxic and are transferable to infants. They may affect the infants’ brain development as well as their immune system. It may shorten their life span cause health to deteriorate.

In another study, chemicals were found in umbilical cords. More than 400 chemicals tested for, 287 were detected in umbilical cord blood. Of these, 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain or nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animals. Scientists refer to the presence of such toxins in the newborn as “body burden.”

Do you want to drink water that is contaminated with toxic chemcials and do you know what water is suitable for your baby and children?

Studies in the U.S. show that we are exposed to other people’s drugs through drinking water.
30% to 90% of the drugs taken are excreted and most of them end up in river. Hospitals that throw away expired drugs are a major concern as well.

It is not surprising that insurance companies have increased the premium for children insurance nowadays. There are more and more children getting cancer, some as young as two years of age. Averages of 1500 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in Malaysia alone. That is about 4 child diagnosed with cancer per day.

10 to 15% of Malaysian of reproductive age are childless due to chemicals in the water.

There are approximately 100, 000 chemicals in use in the world and the numbers are increasing daily. The mixture of thousands of chemicals may have dire health consequences to humans and animals alike. Growth hormones, pharmaceuticals and antibiotics are finding their ways into our tap water. Drinking polluted water in a way can be compared to smoking cigarettes, it does not kill us immediately, but it may cause a lot of health problems in the long term.

What you need to ask yourself is:- How efficient is your water purification system? How can your purification system remove tens of thousands of chemicals in the few seconds that it takes the water to pass through? Do you want to drink water that is filled with toxic chemicals for the rest of your life?

We can help you out in two ways. First, we will do three tests for your drinking water to see if they contain contaminants. If your drinking water turns out to be contaminated, we will share with you our 15 years of research on water and water purification systems. There are many water purification systems in the market but many of these could not remove the tens of thousands of chemicals that are dissolved in the water. They can remove floating particles and some volatile gases only.

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