What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster
RainMaker Micro Cluster Water Distiller 5GMS MC+

Micro Cluster Water Distiller 6GMS MC+

2015 Micro cluster distiller cuts distillation time by half an hour (fastest in the market) and produces water with micro clusters. The world's most advanced distiller. [More]

RainMaker Water Distiller 5RMS

Water Distiller 5RMS

This is for our customers who preferred and insisted on stainless steel body.

RainMaker Water Distiller 5GMS

Water Distiller 5GMS MC

Distils faster, distils more, and more energy efficient. [More]

RainMaker Water Distiller 6GMS

Water Distiller 6GMS

Fast and efficient. [More]

RainMaker Wine Distiller WMS

Wine Distiller WMS

Improve the taste of your wine. Makes wine taste better [More]

Sassess Ozonizer 5000

Ozonizer 5000

Kills bacteria and viruses in rooms effectively and neutralizes pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in your foods. [More]

Sassess Ozonizer 7000

Ozonizer 6000

Ideal to killing bacteria and viruses in area as large as 1500 square feet. Useful for getting rid of molds in walls and carpet. Ideal for getting rid of odor. [More]