What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster


Scientific Water Testing

  1. TDS test. This is a test to find out how much dissolved solids there are in your water both tap and filtered.

    Where do dissolved solids come from?
    Some dissolved solids come from organic sources such as leaves, silt, industrial waste and sewage. Other sources come from fertilizers and pesticides.

    TDS meters will only detect mobile charged ions. They will not detect any neutral (uncharged) compounds. Such compounds include sugar, alcohol, many organics (including many pesticides and their residues).

    Dissolved solids also come from inorganic materials such as rocks and they may contain calcium carbonate, nitrogen, iron, phosphorous, sulphur and other minerals. Water may also pick up lead, copper or asbestos when they travel through pipe. TDS meter would detect most of the above contaminants.
  2. Residue test. This is a simple and the most scientific test which is practised by scientist all over the world. It is to boil away all water to see if there are any residues left behind.
  3. Food dye test. Food dye in mixed with water and then passes through the water purification system. If the water comes out clear the purification is effective.
  4. Light bulb test. Contrarily to what most believe, water does not conduct electricity. It is the contaminants that conduct electricity. Pure water will not conduct electricity and therefore the light bulb won’t light up when electricity is passed through it.

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