What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster


Contaminants That Can't Be Seen With Your Naked Eye In Your Drinking Water

These contaminants are left behind when water is evapourated. These contaminants are accumulated over a period of a few months. The accumulation would much lesser with periodical cleansing.

Contaminants left behind with unfiltered water tend to be muddy. Filtered water's contaminants tends to be whitish in colour as mud is absence.


Contaminants you can't see in Reverse Osmosis Water

Tank after 30 days(one gallon per day) of using R.O. water using an American 0.0001 micron membrane which was tested with a 2 digit TDS meter with 0 parts per million reading. A new 0.000micron can remove up to 96%, however, the quality of the water do drop with usage, sometimes drastically. Reverse Osmosis cannot remove toxic gases, phenol, THMs, bacteria, viruses, some pesticides, nitrites, iron and organic compound with low molecular weights.

Do you know that there are crystals in the tap water?

Yes! There are crystals in our tap water. I read about it in Dr. Paul Bragg's (very famous for his health books and apple cider vinegar) book "Water The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life" but I have never seen it before.

Why you must test your drinking water?

Your water purification system may contain harmful toxins. Thousands are drinking these contaminants from their expensive and branded water purification systems on daily basics.

The reason you do not see these crystals is because they are covered up by other contaminants.

A client of ours, uses water that went through a 5 foot sediment filter and a six stage counter top filter before it reaches our distiller. Yet in 7 months, this is what we found in his distiller's boiling chamber. Distillation boils the water turning it to steam, leaving all contaminants behind. Imagine the amount of contaminants that would have be consumed by our customers if it is not taken out by distillation. These does not take into consideration the amount that was drained away periodically.

Dr. Paul Bragg wrote that these crystals may clog up our veins, capillaries and harden our arteries, causing us to lose our eyesight, hearing and memory. It may harden our arteries as well as turning our cholesterol into plaque, causing heart disease. The crystal may jam up our kidneys. If it replaces the synovial fluid in our joints, we would have pain or arthritis.

As you can see, filters are useless against these crystals, inorganic minerals and many dissolved chemicals. Filters may remove suspended materials that are floating in the water but everything that are smaller than its pores would pass through.

It is important to note that all of our minerals must come from food. The minerals in the water come from sand and stones which cannot be assimilated by our body. If we can digest these minerals, then all one need to do is to grind sand and stones into fine power and feed it to people who are dying from starvation. We would save millions from dying of starvation. These inorganic minerals are a health wrecker.

According to Dr. Landone, inorganic minerals in our blood form a film which prevents our cells from getting oxygen. Our body then develop new cells that thrive on less oxygen and these are cancer cells. Distilled water often frees the imprisoned cells. So not listen to rumours that distilled water do not have oxygen as drinking distilled water would help our cells get more oxygen.

Don’t take it for granted. Let us conduct three scientific tests your water so that you can be sure you are not drinking any toxic contaminants on a daily basis.

The majority of the purification systems in the market are not effective in removing toxic chemicals.

We are conducting 3 scientific tests on your water. Don’t take things for granted. Call us now for more information at 03-9056-4795