What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster


Published Book: Ticking Time Bomb in our Drinking Water

ticking timbe bomb

by Alan Ng

You are what you drink!

In this helpful and well-researched book, readers will come across the compelling truth about their health. Water is an essential component of the human body. It is responsible for many of our physiological functions. But do you know that water which contains 75,000 chemical compounds is one of the major causes of diseases?

A guide in helping one to make the right choices, Ticking Time Bombs in our Drinking Waterdelves deep into the facts and functions of drinking the right kind of water. So what are you waiting for? Protect yourself and your loved ones! Find out the answers from the expert!

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Contaminants in your drinking water and how if affect your health. Remove the contaminants and your body will heal itself. Find out the truth. Separate facts from fiction. [More]

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