What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster


In order to cut cost, many manufacturers use aluminum alloy cooling tube but pass it off as stainless steel. As a result, the distilled water will contain traces of aluminum. Aluminum are related to quite several diseases as it affects our heart, liver, kidney as well as other organs. Some are using leaded glass containers as well. Lead is related to leukemia and is harmful to many of our organs and to our bones. Even a tiny amount of lead can cause damage to our organs. There is no known level of exposure of lead that is considered safe. Our Rainmaker water distillers are using borosilicate for our glass containers. This is the same material that is used for laboratory containers as well as Pyrex.

Needless to say, the cooling fan as well as the heater is substandard when compared to our Rainmaker distillers. We are using ball bearings for our motors instead of brushless motors.

Be careful when purchasing low quality products. Looks can be deceiving. That is why no one is giving you a three-year warranty.

Our cooling system is manufactured using German technology and German machinery. The tube is made of surgical steel. (304 or 18/10). The cooling tube is fully covered by aluminum and there are more fins so that our cooling is much more effective. There are about 400 fins in our rainmaker coil compared to about 300 in other brands. That is why the Rainmaker distiller can distill faster, distill more and more energy efficient.

Competitor's cooling coil. Tube is not made of 18/10 or 304 stainless steel as claimed. Aluminum is related to many diseases and can cause brain damage. Tube not fully covered and has less fins. Cooling not effective, takes longer time to distill. Distilled water comes out much hotter.

RainMaker’s heater. Longer, more spread out, more effective and longer lasting

Other brand

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Better see what you getting before committing to making your purchase.

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