What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster


Why RainMaker distillers are the most advanced distillers in the world.

RainMaker water distillers distil faster. It takes approximately 4 hours to distil one gallon water while others take 6 hours.

The Rainmaker distils faster and distils more water. The RainMaker distiller is using the most advanced patented cooling system in the world. With the patented constricted gas vents and baffle plates, the RainMaker distillers produce water that is much purer than ordinary water distillers.

With this super-efficient cooling system, we are able to increase the heater watts by approximately 38% and reduce the distillation time by approximately 50% therefore saving energy, time and costs for you and your family.

Shorter distillation time increases the lifespan of the distiller considerably. If you were to distil 3 times per day with the RainMaker water distiller, you would save approximately 6 hours a day. In one year you would have saved approximately 2190 hours of distillation time.

Micro Clusters (applicable to 6GMS and 5GMS)

Why micro clusters is important to our body. Our tap water comes in water clusters that are made up of 13 molecules. However, the RainMaker water distillers are able to produce water that contains only 6 molecules. That is almost a whopping 50% smaller. What that means is that your cells will be hydrated quicker and faster. As such nutrients will be absorbed at a faster rate and your cells will be more hydrated. It also means that the removal of toxic waste will be more efficient.

Drinking micro-cluster distilled water also enhance your energy levels, improve overall aerobic capacity And prevent premature aging. In a study conducted by the Chinese Health Care Science and Technology, 60% of people who drank micro –clusters water had their cellular hydration lelvel increased ten fold.

RainMaker Coil

Our cooling system is manufactured using German technology and German machinery. The tube is made of surgical steel. (304 or 18/10). The cooling tube is fully covered by aluminum and there are more fins so that our cooling is much more effective. There are about 400 fins in our rainmaker coil compared to about 300 in other brands. That is why the Rainmaker distiller is able to distill faster, distill more and more energy efficient.

Competitor's cooling coil. Tube is not made of 18/10 or 304 stainless steel as claimed. Tube not fully covered and has less fins. Cooling not effective, takes longer time to distill. Distilled water comes out much hotter.

RainMaker's Patented Constriction Purer Water

RainMaker gas vent with patented constriction. Tests shown that with constriction, the gas vent is five times more effective in removing volatile gases. Our RainMaker cooling system cost 5 times more to manufacture than our competitors' cooling system.

Competitors gas vent without constriction

The baffle plate would not allow water to get into the cooling tube, therefore the RainMaker distiller produces purer water.

Without the baffle plate water can easily get into cooling tube and therefore produces water that is not as pure.

Lead Free

Finally our glass container is lead free which is used to manufacture laboratory glass pieces for its high quality properties.


Applicable to 5GMS

Ball Bearing Motor

Excellent quality fan ball bearings motor for durability.

High Quality Heater

Our heater is longer and spread out to produce heat more evenly. Longer heater lasts longer.

Low quality heater not evenly spread and shorter.

Advantage of using polyethylene (raw material from Japan) over metallic body or stainless steel body.

  • Keep heat radiation down so that the surrounding area will not be overly hot.
  • Switches will not crack prematurely due to heat radiation generated by metallic body.
  • Polyethylene does not rust. Even stainless steel unit do rust as the bottom plate is made from iron.
  • Polyethylene does not dent.

We are so confident of our polyethylene's quality that we are offering a 7 year warranty* for it.
RainMaker water distiller's steam lift area is 3½ inch instead of 3 inch.

An eight years old RainMaker distiller:- no rust

Rust on metallic body.


Rust inside the bottom plate



Rainmaker Gasket

RainMaker Gasket is double layered and will last 4 to 5 years and does not need to be replaced yearly.

Competitor's one layer gasket.

RainMaker carbon cup (on the left) is twice the size of our competitors which means our carbon cups are more effective and last longer. There is paint matter on the edge of the wire mesh on the smaller carbon cup. You do not want pure water dissolving the paint matter before you drink it.

Disadvantage of using sachets is that water tends to flow around it instead of going through it and therefore ineffective.

Most important of all, our RainMaker water distillers have double protection with the American made heater sensors that would automatically cut of electricity should the overheat switch (Asahi from Japan) should somehow fail to shut down the distillers. Most distillers do not have these heat sensors as a safety feature.