What is micro cluster
What is micro cluster


RainMaker Micro Cluster Water Distiller 6GMS MC+

2015 Micro cluster distiller cuts distillation time by half an hour (fastest in the market) and produces water with micro clusters. The world's most advanced distiller.

The 1st and only water distiller with this function. Only we have it.

It reduces the size of water clusters during the cooling process of the distillation cycle therefore hydrating your body cells at a faster and more effective rate. Unlike other systems, there is no adding of chemicals (silica or calcium) or foreign substances to our pure distilled water.

The RainMaker Water distillers are the only distillers in the market that produces distilled water in micro clusters. There are many benefits of drinking micro clusters distilled water. Firstly, your body cells will have immediate hydration and will therefore, receive nutrients immediately as well. The delivery of oxygen is much faster and more effective. As such your cells will experience a surge of energy. The cells healing abilities will improve due to enhanced connectivity from cells to cells and as such body repairs are more effective.

Another benefit of Micro Clusters Distilled Water is that the cells are cleansed more effectively. The cells can detoxify faster and more effectively due to its micro properties.

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Our 6GMS MC+ RainMaker water distiller distil faster, wireless connection (from cooling system to the boiling chamber) and smaller water clusters.

Product Details

  • Power: 900 W
  • Related voltage and frequency: AC 110/120V,50/60HZ,AC220/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Size: 42cm x 25cm x 39cm
  • Daily distillate capacity 6 US gallons
  • Boiling chamber capacity: 1 US gallon
  • Collecting jug capacity: 1 US gallon
  • Gross weight: 6.3kgs
  • Up to 6 US gallons in 24 hours.
  • CE (European Certified)

Comparison to Competitors (please fill up)

  RainMaker Distiller Competitors
Time needed to distill 1 US gallon of water 3 1/2 hours 6 hours
No of gallons distilled per day up to 6 US gallon per day up to 3 US gallons per day
Cost of distillation (1 US gallon) RM 1.05 RM 1.35
RM0.334 X Watts X Hours RM0.334 X 0.9 kilowatts X 3 1.2 hours RM0.334 X 0.8 kilowatts X 6 hours
Patented coil cools faster (5 times more effective in removing volatile gas) YES NO
Silicon gasket double layer for longer lasting YES NO
No Need to pre-boil water before distillation Not advisable Encouraged to save time.
Double cut off safety feature: Overheat sensor from Japan and temperature sensor from USA YES NO
Lead free laboratory glass containers YES NO
Use 304 surgical steel for cooling tube YES NO
No need to preboil raw water YES NO
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